Monday, April 14, 2014

After School Link Up, Dolphin Lesson Plans

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dolphin lesson plans elementary age

We'll be traveling to Florida again later this month to accompany my husband on a business trip.  In order to have the kids approved for missing school, I need to submit how this trip will be educational for them.  

I've booked us for a dolphin excursion tour, so I thought we would learn more about dolphins before going.  The boat is captained by marine biologist that are participating in a bottlenose dolphin study that tracks the movements and behaviors of these animals in Florida.  I've probably given the school more than they really want, but hey, might as well really learn if we're going through the motions.  In the end, I'm hoping they can work together to complete this animal report.  

Dolphin Lesson Plans (this would make a fun summer theme week)
  • Non-fiction
Dolphins and Sharks by Mary Pope Osborne
Nat Geo Kids Dolphins by Melissa Stewart
Dolphin Talk by Wendy Pfeffer 
Face to Face with Dolphins by Flip and Linda Nicklin
1-2-3 Draw Ocean Life by Freddie Levin

  • Fiction
Dolphins at Daybreak by Mary Pope Osborne (ages 6-9)
The Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'dell (ages 9-12) (this book is not about dolphins, but is a good book for Little J's age-9yo)

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rainbow Shamrock Paper Strip Craft from Recycled Magazines

Sassyfras and I did some St. Patrick's Day crafting this morning while the boys were elsewhere.  I was inspired by these paper strip Easter Eggs.  We used old magazines instead of card stock.

rainbow shamrock craft for kids

Shamrock template
construction paper
old magazines

st. patrick's day paper crafts for kids

  • Start by tracing the shamrock onto a piece of green construction paper.  
  • Cut along the inside of your tracing to leave the outer edges of the green paper intact.  
  • Cut strips of magazines in desired colors. Sassyfras and I were looking for rainbow colors.  
  • Organize your strips on another sheet of paper, making sure to overlap slightly so none of the construction paper shows through.  Glue in place.  
  • Glue the shamrock cutout over the paper with the magazine strips. 
  • Cut any excess magazine strips off.
 photo rainbowshamrock2_zps7fe65dfd.jpg

This project was cheap and easy and made good use of her cutting skills.  I think it turned out super cute!

paper crafts for kids

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